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pompous snowmen and snowless snow days

3 Feb

“I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.”

– Charlotte Bronte

Well, hello hello! Instead of dwelling on the fact that I have not posted a blog in forever and ever and ever, I am just going to dwell on the things that I find fascinating and important that you, uh, probably don’t.

So, I have been up to MULTITUDES of FANTASTICAL and EXOTIC things in the past few months, weeks, days and hours. Well… maybe I’m exaggerating a little. Or a lot. Or a whole lot. But no matter, because I do have a few things worth mentioning. One being my SUPER DUPER not incredibly successful life in the world of Debate. Yes, this lovely specimen whose life you read about and care so dearly about has begun debating competitively with her school’s forensics team. I am involved in the Lincoln- Douglas debate category and am now an Official Member of the National Forensics League, or the NFL for the People in the Know. I’m not great but I’m not horrible and every tournament is a learning experience and I get a sick rush every time I know I have kicked someone’s ass.
Other than debate and debate and more debate, I have been reading quite a bit more. I recently finished Anna and the French Kiss by (nerdfighter!) Stephanie Perkins, where part of the title of this blog post comes from. I though the book was good, due to how the ending turned out and the writing was sweet and clever. The book started out slow and I thought that the character was a bit stupid, but once you get into the book more and start to become engrossed with the romance and the relationships surrounding each character, it is absolutely fantastic. I also just finished Chuck Palahniuk’s Invisible Monsters, which, to be honest, I was disappointed with. I was told by multiple Palahniuk fans that it was his best work, and it was fantastic, but I think I might have liked Snuff more, but I plan on rereading it eventually, so we’ll see if that changes my thoughts on it. I’m going to begin Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro tomorrow, because I’ve heard fantastic things about both the novel and film.
Aside from debate and reading, I have been tumbling obsessively, arguing with people on tumblr, pissing off my close friends and just generally fucking up greatly. I think I’m going to begin blogging more, to let off steam or what have you. I think I’m going to start going out more, whether it’s alone or with others, because I need fresh air. I need to see things other than the four blue walls of my room. I need different noises and sounds and things to experience. I’m going stir crazy and I’m lonely all the time and I’m bored and I’m aggressive and mean and impulsive with people I care about. I need help more than anything, I need someone to talk to and I need to get out more. But right now what I need to do is brush my teeth and go to bed. Goodnight, lovelies. I’ll see you soon.


p.s. I had a snow day today and we didn’t get ANY snow at all. Twas wonderful.


old lady nail polish, my friend is a princess and my secret desire to open a coffee shop

16 Mar

(notice what i did there? ^ The picture doubles as a quote. lyrics from Breakdown by Jack Johnson)

Hello my lovely lady lumps.

Today has been a very good day and since last night/this morning I have been in the mood to blog. Maybe I’m trying to prepare for BEDA, but I actually feel like I have a bit to talk about. So, time to explain the title of this blog. A. I have a pretty taupeish-pink color nail polish that my friend addressed as “old lady nail polish”. Whatever, I like it. B. That same friend put a beaded necklace around her head and when asked why she said she was wearing a necklace on her head she answered, “because it makes me look like a princess.” Not all of my friends are dumb, I swear. (XD i luff you steph). C. If you follow me on twitter (which you so should), you would know that I have recently become addicted to the Canadian drama Being Erica, which you can find on Hulu and in the second season of the show there is a coffee shop called Goblins with an awesome sign that I could not find online. And I want to rip the show off and open up a coffee bar called Goblins.
More about Being Erica, the title makes the show sound deliriously stupid, which it is not. The show follows Erica Strange, a thirty-two year old woman falling into dead-end jobs and bad relationships. Her rationale? Bad choices, bad decisions. Solution? Therapy. Not your average therapy, no. Therapy that involves time travel, fixing your regrets and magic. The fact that the Erica is a quick tongued, witty and gorgeous girl is only one good part of the show. Her Lorelai Gilmore-like personality and charm adds into the fact that traveling into her past gives her a hell of a lot more dimensions. The only downside to this, is that the other characters in the show go slightly undeveloped, while Erica is a three-dimensional, average person who happens to travel through time. I just finished the second season (literally like less than ten minutes ago. I came back to writing this blog after I finished. SO GOOD). I am really looking forward to the *possible* third season.
Okay, moving on to make it seem like I don’t just sit around watching shows on the Internet, I will talk briefly about my schoolwork. I have a project for a class due Thursday, a rough draft of an essay due Thursday and I have done about no work. I couldn’t work on the project because I don’t have the passwords for my school’s account for the databases I’m allowed to use (in other words, Wikipedia is NOT okay) and my outline for the essay has not been approved. But anyways, the creative component of the project is going to turn out really well because it involves a video and the use of some AWESOME music. I mean, I’m using Marauders’ Map by Ministry of Magic, how awesome is that? ANSWER: VERY.

Books read this year: 7
Lisztomania by Pheonix and Better Together by Jack Johnson



29 Jan



I am a person.

I think

you may be

a person

as well.

Maybe we

can be people


Maybe in this screwed up,



we live in

we can BREAK the bounds

that have been created.

We can disturb the level of


that has been set.

I’ll scream

You’ll scream

We’ll all SCREAM.

Maybe someday


some way

our voices will be heard.

Or maybe

our pushes

our shoves

our punches

our kicks

and our songs

will take affect.

Maybe you can

maybe I can

maybe she can


maybe he can

take THEM

by surprise.

Maybe my soft whisper

or your loud cry

or his sound voice

can catch someone’s ear

and make someone listen.

And maybe


some way


some where

some day

will find


In memory of J.D. Salinger, the catcher in the rye himself, may he find where the ducks went.

omegle creeping part 2

13 Nov


more chats!

Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: is your name harry?

Stranger: hi

Stranger: nope

You: or edward?

Stranger: nope

You: or santa?

Stranger: yes

Stranger: how did you know?

You: SANTA!!!!!!

Stranger: thats me;)

You: okay, so i want a pony.

You: and a barbie

You: and roller skates

Stranger: ok…

You: and roller skates for the barbie

You: and for the pony

Stranger: ok…

Stranger: done

You: do you have a lama

You: cuz i have a flying pig

You: and a sining squirrel

You: my squirrel’s name is pippi

Stranger: were a bit short on the lamas but ill see what i can do;)

You: because she likes pippi longstocking

You: lamas ate my homework

You: and my tacher

Stranger: want some pot?

You: *teacher

You: no thank you

You: i want to meet alexander the great

Stranger: it comes with the ponys

You: and marie antoinette

Stranger: or we can make that pcp og lsd

Stranger: 2c-b?

Stranger: no?


Stranger: dmt?

You: santa, you are a bad influence

Stranger: no psychedelic?

Stranger: smack?

Stranger: coke?

Stranger: crack?

Stranger: meth?

You: i shall tell children to leave *special* cookies for santa

You: with arsenic

You: so you die

You: because sants

You: *santa

You: should not

You: be

You: a


You have disconnected.


Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: you are my love

Stranger: asl

You: you are my love

Stranger: ASL

Stranger: your my fiddle stick


You: runnin around again

You: do you like feathers?

Stranger: ware r u 4m

You: ware r u 4m?

You: is that another language?

Stranger: hu gives a dam abou de family u come 4m

You: or can you just not spell?

You: or are you trying to make up a language?

You: do you think that’s cool?

You: it’s not.

You: have i offended you?

Stranger: ware are u from

You: because i was trying to

You: not really

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: do you know harry?

You: or mandarin?

You: mandarin the talking lama?

Stranger: what? noo sorry

You: did you know i’m annoying?

You: and that i type faster than you?

You: haha

You: swine flu

You: do you have it?

Stranger: hahaha

Stranger: omg

You: because i don’t want to catch it through this conversation

Stranger: then leave?

You: you want me to leave?



Stranger: haha

You: haha. i called you a zombie

You: burn

Stranger: no i donät want u to leave¨

You: call the fire department because you just got BURNED

You: wasn’t that witty

Stranger: well…Zombie…fine! then i leave…;)

Stranger: hahahahah …..not funny at all

You: i’m a werewolf

You: and i’m funny

You: actually

You: i’m a witch

Stranger: oh cool

Stranger: i’m a wizard…

You: and i’m a slytherin

You: are you a mudblood?

Stranger: haha harry potter freak?

You: because i’m an accepting slytherin

You: i have nothing against mudbloods

You: really, i don’t

Stranger: i’m hagrid

You: it’s alright if you are

You: i love me some giants

You: they’re friendly

You: so is dumblydore. i marched in a gay pride parade with him

Stranger: ok

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: are you old?

Stranger: uhhmm no

You: are you a nerd?

You: do you like creepy commercials?

You: because i don’t

Stranger: LMFAO NO

Stranger: hahahahahah

You: are you a lama?

Stranger: am i lama?

Stranger: lol

You: does your name happen to be mandarin?

Stranger: wow

Stranger: your lame

Stranger: haha no

You: because i’m looking for her

Stranger: my name is kylie

Stranger: lol

You: lame?

You: it’s okay

Stranger: i guess your wasteing your time

Stranger: hahahah

You: i already knew you were lame

Stranger: im lame 🙂

You: i just didn’t want to offend you

Stranger: its okay

Stranger: i dont get offended

You: you’re also creepy

Stranger: 😀

You: but that’s alright

Stranger: lol thanks

You: i am too

You: do like people?

You: i usually don’t

You: do you have a crush on my global teacher?

You: me neither

You: i think he looks like a monkey

Stranger: do u live in newyork?

You: or a caveman

You: possibly

You: do you live in narnia

Stranger: lmao my bf has a global teacher!

Stranger: weiirddddd

You: who is your boyfriend?

You: is he a creep?

You: because i know creeps

Stranger: no he lives in syracuse newyork

You: that have global teachers

You: oh.

You: i live in narnia

Stranger: wow

Stranger: for some reason u are annoying im gunna go lol byeee

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hello

You: was life better when you weren’t a zombie?

You: because it was for me

You: i might just eat your brain

You: watch out

Stranger: please don’t

Stranger: that wouldn’t be nice

You: are you nerdy?

You: or creepy?

Stranger: I’d like to think nerdy

Stranger: not creepy

You: do you make them good girls go bad?

You: because i do

You: sometimes

You: oh

You: who the eff is hank?

Stranger: I can’t say I know

You: you heard that i was trouble

Stranger: And you are

You: but you couldn’t resist

Stranger: this is true

Stranger: I couldn’t

Stranger: You had me at “zombie”

You: i am a large mass of matter classified as plasma. i can also be a blazing ball of fire and ice

You: zombies are sexy

Stranger: That’s pretty awesome

You: like me

You: or you

You: oops

You: i let the secret plan slip

You: they’ll know

You: they’ll shoot me!


Stranger: Good god! Not them!


You: NOW



i need to do better in school

26 Oct


Over the past week or so, i’ve been realizing how much I’ve been slacking in school and how badly I’m doing. Granted, getting 80s and up isn’t really too terrible considering I have 11 classes, but even though I have a large quantity of classes, I don’t have the largest quantity of work. I’m not saying that I don’t have any work, I do have a fair amount, but i don’t really think that I’m putting the effort into the work that I should be. Here’s my self evaluation for my classes:

Global: Good. I do all the homework, except for one assignment and the tests and quizzes I haven’t gotten below an 85.  Self-effort grade: A-

P.E- puh-lease.

Bio- good. I do the homework and I study, but I could pay attention more and study harder. Self effort grade: B+

Global Issues: A really challenging class that I could put much more effort in if I didn’t doubt my abilities so much. Self effort grade: B-

Video Production- good. self effort grade: A-

Studio Art: AHHHHHHHHH! Self effort grade- B+

Math- I do most of the homework and I do alright on quizzes and tests. Self effort grade: B-

English- Started out really bad and then I think I got better. I tried more with what we recently started doing. Self Effort Grade: B+

French: alright. self effort grade: B+

Creative Writing: I will not grade myself on this. This is something I do only for me. A teacher giving me their opinion and guidance is just a helpful tool, I honestly do not consider this to be a class-like thing, due to the fact that it’s so personal to me.

Broadcast Journalism- too little work done to tell.

That’s all for today. Sorry this blog isn’t wannabe witty like the others.

i’m a lazy blogger

23 Oct


Now, i know what you’re thinking, you’re not a blogger. And you’re right! I’m not a real blogger, but i want to change that. And yeah, i know, i’ve said this before and i meant it more those times, but i know myself and i would like to give you some new insight on me too. When i feel ambitious about things, i tend to abandon them and not care because i’m so excited about them. Or, i’ll try to do something and lose confidence because nobody cares what i’m doing. Which, is more or less why i am obsessively on twitter and dailybooth, because they don’t take much effort and i have people following me there. But i think that i might actually try to update my blog more because it is hard for me to blog; due to (give or take) a year of severe writers block. And yes, blogging is writing, to me at least. Because it is writing it scares me, so i avoid it like it’s an angry skunk ready to blow. But I did buy a $1200 computer and i love the sound of keys crackling under my energetic and alive fingers, instead of the idle hands watching episodes of Glee i’ve seen several times on Hulu. So, since i never have plans anymore and i never really do homework anyways, i might start blogging regularly. Meaning every-other day or a few times a week. looking forward to be back soon!

quack quack