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Day 13- someone you wish could forgive you

28 Jun

various people,

Now, if I was given this prompt five months ago, it would have been to my friend Shelby. But, due to the amazing span of Facebook and several years of time to grow up and get over things, I no longer feel the need to wish for her forgiveness, considering I already have it. But this letter is to anyone I have hurt and not apologized for it. This letter is to anyone who I will do that to in the future, or anyone I will want forgiveness from in the future. I do stupid shit a lot- I know. I don’t think enough, I sometimes don’t care what I’m saying and I suck. And to anyone in the future, you will know that I am a shit friend if I try to give this to you to earn forgiveness instead of just trying on my own. But, if I bother apologizing to anyone, which I do a lot but rarely ever mean, then you know I really want your forgiveness. But still… I know I suck. ¬†And so does this letter.