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i post a blog and solar powered lava lamps

27 Jan

Yes indeed, I post a blog, me from 15 seconds ago. Oh, I was naive and stupid 15 seconds ago. Oh, jeez, i am not making any sense. Again. Moving on…

I have been working on mid-terms and school stuff for the past few days, but not like I’m breaking my back for it or anything. I mean, really, me, try hard in school? That’s on par with military intelligence for an oxymoron. I am writing a blog because I, again, don’t feel like working on my essay, but this blogging will have to end at some point so I WILL work on it.
Anywho, I think I will get through my mid-terms with ease and this essay will hopefully be finished by 7 p.m. tomorrow. If it isn’t, you will all have permission to bug me on Skype at the wee hours of the morning.
Anyways, last night I organized my bio binder so everything was all in order and whatnot and then outlined my English mid-term essays while watching Mike Lombardo on Blogtv. I should be feeling really overwhelmed, considering I have four mid-term exams tomorrow and a paper due Friday that I have almost nothing done on, and I have show crew, but, uh, i don’t. Yet.  Anywho, when I get all of my work done, Friday night I’m going to go to the gym, come home, clean the bathroom and then shower. After I do this, probably pretty nauseous (due to the bathroom cleaning) I will begin watching the Saw movies. Saturday I will finish watching the series, and probably move onto Battlestar Galactica.
I may have mentioned this already this week, but I had a really good time talking to Mercedes (holwcowitsmer 0n twitter) on Blogtv Monday (?) and taking to Mike Lombardo last night on Skype.

I hope you all are having a mid-term/exam free week.



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Credit where credit is due: Photo by Matthew Stewart