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i post a blog and solar powered lava lamps

27 Jan

Yes indeed, I post a blog, me from 15 seconds ago. Oh, I was naive and stupid 15 seconds ago. Oh, jeez, i am not making any sense. Again. Moving on…

I have been working on mid-terms and school stuff for the past few days, but not like I’m breaking my back for it or anything. I mean, really, me, try hard in school? That’s on par with military intelligence for an oxymoron. I am writing a blog because I, again, don’t feel like working on my essay, but this blogging will have to end at some point so I WILL work on it.
Anywho, I think I will get through my mid-terms with ease and this essay will hopefully be finished by 7 p.m. tomorrow. If it isn’t, you will all have permission to bug me on Skype at the wee hours of the morning.
Anyways, last night I organized my bio binder so everything was all in order and whatnot and then outlined my English mid-term essays while watching Mike Lombardo on Blogtv. I should be feeling really overwhelmed, considering I have four mid-term exams tomorrow and a paper due Friday that I have almost nothing done on, and I have show crew, but, uh, i don’t. Yet.  Anywho, when I get all of my work done, Friday night I’m going to go to the gym, come home, clean the bathroom and then shower. After I do this, probably pretty nauseous (due to the bathroom cleaning) I will begin watching the Saw movies. Saturday I will finish watching the series, and probably move onto Battlestar Galactica.
I may have mentioned this already this week, but I had a really good time talking to Mercedes (holwcowitsmer 0n twitter) on Blogtv Monday (?) and taking to Mike Lombardo last night on Skype.

I hope you all are having a mid-term/exam free week.



Dark Arts








Credit where credit is due: Photo by Matthew Stewart


The Ironic Morality

16 Oct


Dedicated to Rachel Joy Scott

Moral code, morality, value and so on are all things that are synonymous to the word “ethics”. But someone’s own ethics cannot be defined nor can they be synonymous to others’ codes of life. My ethics are not concrete nor are they always changing, when time passes, ethics and codes of life vary, as surroundings and thoughts change as well. My ethics have changed over time, from when I was four and thought sharing was the best way to live, to now, when I’m fourteen, and an abundance of the circumstances have changed. My ethics are based mostly on my dreams,  which I hold near and dear to my heart.  Although I live my life in an unscripted, unplanned manner, my moral guidelines have helped me see what I want clearly, and try with all my might to grasp it and hold it tight.  Being determined, believing in yourself and being imaginative are the standards I live by, and these standards are what keep me grounded.

I have always been determined. When I was learning to ride a bike, when I was trying long division, or when I was trying to get my feelings into a poem. Despite the bruising, the frustration and the tears, I was determined to achieve all these things and eventually, I did. For me, determination and believing in yourself are kind of like Romeo and Juliet or Heathcliff and Cathy; they belong together. I define determination by doing whatever you feel is necessary to get to, where or what you want. “Believing in yourself’ is generally a corny phrase slapped on out-of-date motivational posters, but I feel that if you have faith in yourself, you won’t listen to anyone’s negative opinion or won’t give up on something you crave to possess, because you believe in yourself. Determination and believing in yourself belong together because if you are willing to do whatever you can to get what you aspire to have, it is imperative you believe in yourself to succeed.

Imagination is creative power, your thoughts and dreams made into one. I for one, have an over-active imagination. I imagine going to my college of choice, I imagine being in love, I imagine publishing a book, and so on and so forth. I think that imagination is crucial, because without imagining things, where would we be now? Would we be sitting in a candlelight room if Thomas Edison hadn’t imagined a light source that lasts 100 hours? Would woman be sitting at home cooking and cleaning if someone hadn’t imagined what it would be like if woman had rights? For me, imagining is living inside your mind, feeling, seeing and projecting everything so it seems real. So many people say that imagination is just a way of escaping reality; I believe it’s a way of creating reality.

Others may or may not agree with my ethics. Someone might believe that being determined is really just not being able to know when it’s time to give up, while someone else might be convinced that giving up is not an option. Although I believe that believing in yourself is essential to get what you want, someone else might believe that it should just stick to the obsolete PSA trying stimulate kids‘ minds. Imagination could easily be perceived as a silly, simpleminded approach to thinking, whereas someone else might think that it’s the only way get what you want into perspective. Whatever someone might believe, being determined, believing in yourself and being imaginative are ethics I believe in and follow. Times have sure changed since I was four, but morals have no time limit nor do they have a tangible reality, unless you believe in them.

new classes and my locker issue

9 Sep


This is my schedule:

1st period: global (core class)

2nd period: biology or P.E (core classes)

3rd period: biology (core class)

4th period: global issues (elective and prerequisite to AP history in 11th grade)

5th period: video production (elective)

6th period: studio art (core class/requirement)

7th period: algebra

8th period: English 10 honors (core class)

9th period: French (core class)

10th period: study hall

Independent Studies: broadcast journalism and creative writing

My take on these classes:

Now, i love global and global issues. Global has always been a strong point for me, mostly because i like it. Global issues hasn’t really taken off (like an abundance of my classes), but basically, it will involve discussing of current global events and past global events, practice writing college level essays and papers, in preparation for the AP history course which is offered by the state college. Also, English is by far my favorite subject, but i hate the teacher. Broadcast and creative writing are both two really awesome classes.The other classes rank on this 1-10 scale, 1 being the worst, 10 being the highest: (1)biology (2)algebra and studio art (6)French (9)video production.

My locker issue: i have no shelves. Tomorrow i must complain.