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A shamefully late and almost nonexistent day 15- the person you miss the most

14 Jul

Dear John,

As strange as it is that I’m writing this letter to you, I feel it is necessary. I don’t miss you per-say, but who you were last summer. I know we were never really friends, we didn’t run in the same “clique” on the kitchen staff last year. We still aren’t really friends, and I haven’t seen you in a week or so. No one else seems to notice your absence, but for some reason I do. Last summer, you were always laughing or joking or hitting on Deb, who I also miss. But this year you’ve changed and everyone is speculating different things. All ranging from drugs, to family problems to school problems, and so on. It’s obvious you’re depressed, and you isolate yourself so much it’s hard to tell what’s wrong, which is clearly what you want. I seem to be the only one (but maybe I’m just self-centered and recognize only myself in this situation) to be making an effort to talk to you. Obviously, my approach is to annoy you and attempt to bitch-slap you out of your depression, at least for the 8 hours a day we see each other, but still. But now I’m nervous… maybe it’s just my incredible paranoia or maybe it’s just psycho-girl theories, but I hope you haven’t done anything. Because, even though all we are is co-workers, not even friends, I would miss you terribly.

Take care,



world suicide prevention day

10 Sep

take a breath

and don’t choose this kind of death

you have a life to live

and so much to give

don’t listen to any hurtful word

or those that follow the herd

people really do care

which is something you must be aware

so put down the gun

and from those pills you should run

put down the knife

and enjoy your life

This is too all those who are considering, have considered, have attempted or planning on attempting suicide. Please remember that you will always have someone and you are loved. Your life matters and is so valuable and something you should value every minute of it. Please hear what i’m saying, along with people around you. if you need someone to talk to call this number immediately: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or go to this website to find a hotline in your state. If you are apart of the LGBTQ community and are considering suicide, call this number: 866-488-7386 or visit this website.

Take a breath