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23 Aug

“I feel I’m stranded in the wrong time, where love is just a lyric in a children’s rhyme.”

-“Is It Any Wonder?” by Keane

What? What is this? Caitlyn, did you really blog TWO DAYS IN A ROW? Yes, curious high-pitched voice dwelling in my head, I am writing a blog and posting it after doing the same thing the night before.

Moving on, today was day two of the Ohio trip, and day one of college visits. We went to visit Oberlin College in, wait for it… Oberlin! We went through the town first, which was honestly a tad sparse, and sort of like the college town near where I live. But this is not the problem I though it to be. Apparently the college kids make things happen all the time, so there is rarely ever a dull moment. We went into admissions and I filled out a slip for something, they gave me a bit of information that I already had, but took so my parents could be informed/ content.

The part that made me weary about the whole “let’s apply to Oberlin” was the deal about being a creative writing major. To major in creative writing you need to take the 201 writing course. The catch? It’s by application only. When you’re a second semester freshman, you can apply for the course and if you get in and get a B+ or higher in the course, you can take the 300 level classes. But the creative writing major is a competitive field, and about 1/3 of applicants get in. Hearing this, my heart sank and I cried a little inside, but I tried my best to remain composed. I made a few jokes, asked some boring questions, argued like an idiot with the program coordinator (yeah, Caitlyn is SMART) but… then something weird happened.

The program coordinator said that most students have the problem about writing something other than the one or two genres they’re used to, which is what hurts most and causes many to fail out of or not get into the program. I, being the dumb ass I am, just said: “I will write ANYTHING. I mean, I’m not afraid to write badly; that’s all I know how to do.” Which she laughed at, said that she thought I was a smart, driven and funny kid, and that I should contact her if I have any questions, and then she handed me her card. This may not seem big, but it felt that way. I almost died.

Granted, I probably have no chance of getting into the writing program because I’m so SHIT at writing, but still. It was nice. Night!



time to write a blog

6 Dec

“At first when I see you cry
It makes me smile
Yeah it makes me smile”
– Lily Allen “Smile”

So, I was thinking to myself today, why not write a blog? It’s not like painting your nails can’t wait until you’re watching a movie at one in the morning. So, alas, a blog that is powered by Pandora, an extremely small cappuccino from earlier today and my new perfume and nail polish. So what has been going on in my life in the last…month? Wow, it really has been a while. I will give you a list with brief descriptions of each event.

1. I epically failed at NaNoWriMo. I made it to 14,815 words by the end of the month. This diminutive word count is due to these things: schoolwork, ’nuff said. Major procrastination that was a mixture of obsessive Dailybooth-ing, Omegle creeping, severe YouTube intake and quizzes on what Hogwarts house i should be in (btw, it said Ravenclaw, but I think I might retake it). My failing at NaNoWriMo also had to do with the fact that I really hated my story; I hated the subject the characters were dull and the story was going nowhere. So, next year when I do it, I will not pick such a terrible topic. I will also plan the story out.

2. I also epically failed at life. After Thanksgiving break, I came back to a large research paper which I put off because I began working on NaNo so late, the completion of a novel, notes and a chart for English class and not to mention the homework I got during the week. I was also screwing around in video production too much, but after the past Wednesday’s breakdown I turned everything around. Monday and Tuesday I blew off math and English homework and Wednesday night I did my math homework and made up one of the English assignments I had been missing. Thursday I did my journal for English and got the other thing I owed for that class done and in and did my math homework. I felt much better once I finished all my work and started participating in class more. My English teacher also gave me some good advice (other than to get my work in on time) but to become the English student, because that it what I am and what I will always be, not matter what sort of friendless-failure at life-depressed-and-angsty-teenager phase I go through. Even though it only lasted about three days.

3. Hank Green replied to me on Twitter! need i say more???

4. I have become more enthusiastic about posting videos on YouTube. I’ve thought of a number of idea for videos and I think I could be really good at editing things once I get Final Cut or Premiere Pro for Mac, and not have to use the piece of hogwash (hogwash, according to the Mac’s dictionary application is a synonym to “crap”. an AWESOME synonym.) iMovie ’09, I will be ace at editing.

5. I’ve gotten back to reading (a little) and am currently reading Nightlight by The Harvard Lampoon, and it is hilarious.

6. I need to find a piece that is most inspiring to me about writing and smother it in notes for creative writing. meeting thursday. but i don’t have a most inspiring piece of writing. everything i read; books, poems, short stories, newspaper articles, shampoo bottles, fortunes, horoscopes and the story on the back of the menu; i find inspiring. Everything that someone has ever written inspires me to write, weather it is to write better than whatever i just read, or to write just as well or to try to write as well, it all inspires me. And you (all two of you) might say “tell your teacher that” but that sound like a typical bull excuse that i am very good at coming up with, and it kind of is, but it is more of a truth than whatever i bring in for creative writing. Sigh. *takes out The Portable Dorothy Parker and creaks it open to short stories*

I leave you for now. And considering I no longer have friends to talk whine to, I will talk whine to you about what’s bothering me, myself in general or what I’m up to.


p.s. i’m with Kayley on this: Christmas is AWESOME (even though I’m not religious)