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day 12- person you hate/ has caused you the most pain

27 Jun

Dear Kerri,

Weird that you are also my “best friend”, huh? Let’s start with the little stuff, shall we? Ninth grade: Started out well, but just progressed… badly. You always created an air of constant judgement, blatant ridiculing and just downright bitchiness. All the time we talked about you, your problems (granted, you have a lot of them, but still), and if I tried to talk about my problems or what was wrong with me, you’d just undermine what hurt me or what bothered me. Whenever something was important to me, you’d blow it off and be uninterested and bored. You still do this stuff, but now some things are different. All you have is your boyfriend/husband, and I have more friends. I mean, now I’m your only female friend, really, and I could care less whether or not we stay friends. I honestly have more friends that treat me a hell of a lot better. Ones that don’t point out the only reason a guy would like me is because I’m “easy”. Ones that don’t undermine everything I do, ones that aren’t completely focused on themselves… BETTER friends. And, so what if I met some of them online? They treat me better than you ever have, so I guess the internet isn’t such a bad place. And honestly? Are you 12? The random fight you started last night, probably because you were drunk or high, was completely pointless and nonsensical. I didn’t replace you, Allie is not my “new best friend”, although she is one of them. And seriously? Grow. Up. “Replace you” and “new best friend”? I thought that drama died out in 6th grade, but obviously some people still have it in them. Call me a bitch, or whatever, I don’t want to deal with it. Keep fucking around, and my consistent forgiveness might not be so consistent.


***this letter is very scatterbrained and mostly stream-of-consciousness. Sorry if it’s confusing or whatever.