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BEDA- day 1

1 Aug

So, I am currently sitting in my room, writing this quick (most likely going to be unedited) first blog entry for the entire month of August. I have a lovely 30 days of writing ahead of me. Great. This month will include me finishing up the letter challenge (finally), blogging from college campuses that may be my possible future school, and writing annoyingly short and uninteresting posts to fill space and not fail at BEDA like I did last year. For the past few days I have been in the process of redoing my room; painting, getting rid of ugly bookshelves, cleaning and such, and it is lovely, other than the rushing that I have to do because company is coming tomorrow and the fact that i am exhausted. Small spurts of sleep over the past few days and large amounts of work for someone who is used to little work and lots of sleep does not work out too well. I must go and get my room done ASAP. Better and longer blog post tomorrow. Promise.


my ipod died on the bus

10 Sep


my bus ride lasts 45 minutes and my iPod was dead for the ride home. this makes me so unhappy.


i am so far really enjoying my global issues class. we basically just discuss what’s going on in the world, which is my favorite kind of class. and the teacher knows what he’s talking about and who he’s talking to. he realizes that we are high school sophomores and we understand what’s going on in the world but are still a little confused about some things. the class is, as i said, mostly a discussion, which means we have a good deal of freedom to do different things, something i really value. the class’s purpose is to help us practice writing college papers, something we have yet to practice, seeing we’ve only had three days of school. our instructor has also said that he will be giving us minimal homework, because most of us have packed enough schedules as it is, and most work can be done in class. you know a class is good when you write a paragraph about it in your blog.
i have no lunch period and a PACKED, PACKED, PACKED schedule, but i’m stuck with it for the rest of the year, given the fact that sophomore drop day was today. i’m going to have to live with it, but i don’t think it will be too bad. i like a majority of my classes and have kinda sorta started making new friends. really! i mean it!
I really do want and need to make new friends. i would be fine with my best friend but she’s not going to be that way for long, due to the fact that she’s madly in love with her new boyfriend, and in my school, couples are like this:

when two people start dating they are A Couple, in other words, they have no other friends unless the friends are mutual or just a large group of “in school friends” to flaunt their coupleness to. i know i sound quite irrational, and yeah, i am being pretty irrational. but considering every time my friends boyfriend shows up i must make myself scarce so they can commence kissing and hugging. i digress so much…no more whining!

so i have been spending a lot of time recently thinking bout goals because of what we’re doing in english class about goal. the goals i wrote down for the class were these long term goals:

1. get into, attend, and graduate Kenyon College

2. publish many books

3. meet John and Hank Green

4. got to Europe before i graduate college

5. live in London and/or Amsterdam for at least a month

6. own a house or apartment

7. do something that benefits someone else

8. be on the NYT bestseller list (top 100)

9. improve at writing

Now, my short(ish) term goals are:

1. get better at blogging

2. get people to read my blog

3. do NaNoWriMo for the first time ever (and succeed)

4. finish the Harry Potter series and read the mountain of books i have before the summer of 2010 begins

5. pass 10th grade with honors every quarter and high honors at least once

6. do BEDA and not fail (again)

7. make lots of new friends

Well, those are the only goals i can think of now. what are yours?

quack quack.