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i post a blog and solar powered lava lamps

27 Jan

Yes indeed, I post a blog, me from 15 seconds ago. Oh, I was naive and stupid 15 seconds ago. Oh, jeez, i am not making any sense. Again. Moving on…

I have been working on mid-terms and school stuff for the past few days, but not like I’m breaking my back for it or anything. I mean, really, me, try hard in school? That’s on par with military intelligence for an oxymoron. I am writing a blog because I, again, don’t feel like working on my essay, but this blogging will have to end at some point so I WILL work on it.
Anywho, I think I will get through my mid-terms with ease and this essay will hopefully be finished by 7 p.m. tomorrow. If it isn’t, you will all have permission to bug me on Skype at the wee hours of the morning.
Anyways, last night I organized my bio binder so everything was all in order and whatnot and then outlined my English mid-term essays while watching Mike Lombardo on Blogtv. I should be feeling really overwhelmed, considering I have four mid-term exams tomorrow and a paper due Friday that I have almost nothing done on, and I have show crew, but, uh, i don’t. Yet.  Anywho, when I get all of my work done, Friday night I’m going to go to the gym, come home, clean the bathroom and then shower. After I do this, probably pretty nauseous (due to the bathroom cleaning) I will begin watching the Saw movies. Saturday I will finish watching the series, and probably move onto Battlestar Galactica.
I may have mentioned this already this week, but I had a really good time talking to Mercedes (holwcowitsmer 0n twitter) on Blogtv Monday (?) and taking to Mike Lombardo last night on Skype.

I hope you all are having a mid-term/exam free week.



Dark Arts








Credit where credit is due: Photo by Matthew Stewart


omegle creeping

13 Nov


these are some of the chats i had earlier on Omegle, enjoy!

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hi

Stranger: hey

Stranger: where r u from?

You: hogwarts

Stranger: sure

You: what school do you go to?

Stranger: I recon you know Harry Potter

Stranger: I go to Robert College

You: ?

You: are you

You: a

You: muggle?

You: or an owl?

Stranger: Yes indeed I am

You: or a lama?

You: ugh

You: i cannot speak with you

You: dirty muggle

Stranger: ahaha malfoy stop it

You: i’m not malfoy

Stranger: you and me both remember last night

You: i’m bellatrix

Stranger: yes you areee

You: bellatrix lestrange

You: and i kill you

Stranger: nope


You: you’re dead

You: haha

You: *grave dance*

You have disconnected.


Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hey

Stranger: Hy

You: how are you?

Stranger: Fine

You: do you like lamas?

You: cuz i have a lama

You: it’s name is mandarin

Stranger: LOL, xD?

Stranger: Nice, cool 😀

You: she likes oranges

You: mandarin ones

You: i also have a talking dog

You: she likes to sing owl city

Stranger: Where are u from?

You: i live on a farm

You: in narnia

Stranger: and WTF::::: are u insane?

You: and the pigs fly

You: and cows sing

Stranger: OMG?!

You: no, i’m going bovine

You: i.e. going cow-like

You: i have mad cow disease

You: not really

Stranger: WTF!?

You: i just drank too much coffee

You: my dog is singing

You: she’s singing journey’s don’t stop believing

Stranger: ok

You: because she just got the glee soundtrack

Stranger: im on energypills 😀

You: it’s her favorite cd

You: i like knitting

You: do you?

You: i knit lamp cozies

Stranger: ?!

Stranger: WTF?

You: and leg warmers

Stranger: are u stoned?

You: no

You: i would enjoy to be

Stranger: are u on drugs?

You: lucy in the sky with diamonds

You: do you enjoy the beatles?

You: because i do?

You: ????

You: i like owls

Stranger: Beatles? ewww, no way, they suck!

You: do you like dinosaurs?

You: because i like owls

You: and flying pigs

You: i like pigs that sing

Stranger: Omg, im just gonna leave, and dont remember u, cuz…. this is just LAME!

You: enjoy your life

You: mortal

Stranger: Ok

Stranger: Thanx

Stranger: are u a woman?



You: who the eff is hank?

You: are you a woman?

You: or are you a corn dog dipped in batter and fried to perfection?

You: are you a singing pig?


Stranger: NO!

You: -exit-

Stranger: IM HOMO!!


Stranger: and so are u!

You: flying death monkies

You: aka bees

You: i’m mental

You: are you?

You: are you creepy?

Stranger: No

Stranger: yes

Stranger: Maby

You: i creepy too

Stranger: i like balls

Stranger: chocolateballs!

You: i like ice cream

You: and yogurt

You: i also like colors

Stranger: I like cookies!


Stranger: im colorblind:(

You: okay, so if toast always lands butter side down

You: and cats always land on their feet

Stranger: Gravity!

You: what happens if you strap toast to a cat and drop it?


Stranger: it stays in the air!

Stranger: it dont move

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

i need to do better in school

26 Oct


Over the past week or so, i’ve been realizing how much I’ve been slacking in school and how badly I’m doing. Granted, getting 80s and up isn’t really too terrible considering I have 11 classes, but even though I have a large quantity of classes, I don’t have the largest quantity of work. I’m not saying that I don’t have any work, I do have a fair amount, but i don’t really think that I’m putting the effort into the work that I should be. Here’s my self evaluation for my classes:

Global: Good. I do all the homework, except for one assignment and the tests and quizzes I haven’t gotten below an 85.  Self-effort grade: A-

P.E- puh-lease.

Bio- good. I do the homework and I study, but I could pay attention more and study harder. Self effort grade: B+

Global Issues: A really challenging class that I could put much more effort in if I didn’t doubt my abilities so much. Self effort grade: B-

Video Production- good. self effort grade: A-

Studio Art: AHHHHHHHHH! Self effort grade- B+

Math- I do most of the homework and I do alright on quizzes and tests. Self effort grade: B-

English- Started out really bad and then I think I got better. I tried more with what we recently started doing. Self Effort Grade: B+

French: alright. self effort grade: B+

Creative Writing: I will not grade myself on this. This is something I do only for me. A teacher giving me their opinion and guidance is just a helpful tool, I honestly do not consider this to be a class-like thing, due to the fact that it’s so personal to me.

Broadcast Journalism- too little work done to tell.

That’s all for today. Sorry this blog isn’t wannabe witty like the others.