Day 8- your favorite internet friend

16 Jun

Dear Callie,

Your are not my first internet friend , but my second and definitely my favorite. I had no doubt in my mind that this letter would be to you, but I did feel guilty because there are so many friends I’ve met online that are so incredible and so amazing (not to mention better than my IRL friends), but I knew this letter had to be to you, if it wasn’t I would feel like it was just wrong. Anyways, I went through my skype history and found our first skype chat, which began because you tweeted something about wanting to talk to someone on skype, and I replied and we started talking and hit it off from the start. I figured (going through said skype chat) that we met on Omegle and constantly kept running into each other, but in our frenzy to find John Green we kept skipping each other. Maybe this was a SIGN. So, the original skype chat, the beginning:

caitlyn : hai

Callie: hey. did you like my awesome “add me” message? haha i always get random people that will be scammers or along those lines

caitlyn: i loved it!

caitlyn : i was laughing for a good minute

Callie: haha thanks. i try

caitlyn : so…

caitlyn : what shall we talk about?

Callie: well we could cover introductions? haha as in “hi, my name is callie! i’m a freshman in college from texas! and i have a real life! not” lol

caitlyn : ok, “hi! my name is caitlyn, i’m a sophomore in high school and i talk to my imaginary friends and pretend they are real people. when this happens in public people look at me funny”

Callie : ahahaaha nice. those are the best types of friends, imaginary ones.

caitlyn : indeed!

Now, I have no idea what your “add me message”  is now, but you seemed to tolerate my ridiculous weirdness, so we just had to be friends. Not really. But seriously. Anyways, I just got off the phone with you, reading some of that chat and talking to you about… stuff.   The reason I chose you as my favorite internet friend is, because despite the fact that you live halfway across the country and are 6 years older, you are still one of my best friends, internet and otherwise. It is easy to joke with you and be stupid, but it’s also easy to talk to you because you give me an honest opinion and an honest answer to a question, you don’t just blindly agree with me, like some other friends of mine do. You know everything going on with what’s-his-face, and it’s easy to talk to you about it because you know him and what he’s like, not to mention you keep me grounded when it comes to that… stuff.  I honestly hope that you do actually come to New York this summer and we can hang out. I have indeed made a small list of the things we need to do, and it grows pretty much daily. So… there you go. my favorite internet friend. Feel special, hoe.



Callie : i love big kitties

Callie: i want to pet them

caitlyn : you like big pussy cats?

Callie: their noses. too cute. and huge paws

caitlyn : and want to pet them?

Callie: no. i like wild cats

Callie: dont try to make this sexual

Callie: bitch

**** any other internet friends, don’t get offended or pouty because this isn’t about you. Then again, we wouldn’t be friends if you did stuff like that, so this is pretty pointless. Jus’ sayin’.


2 Responses to “Day 8- your favorite internet friend”

  1. Mel June 16, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    Oh I’m so offended that you didn’t choose me. Jokes. That was cute. Love ya!


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