Day 4- a letter to your sibling

14 Jun

Dear Aaron,

You must be wondering why I chose you over Jason, the brother that actually talks to me. Granted, Jason has his faults, but yours outweigh his more than you know. You are the brother I oh-so-affectionately refer to as “the brother who only talks to me when he needs something”. Like when you call my cell, it’s because you need to talk to dad and he’s not answering his. Or the only time you text me is when you need a favor. Well, here are the Opel pictures you wanted, along with a nice little attachment. You know a good amount of nothing about me, and have never really bothered to learn. You just stopped giving me the standard gift card to Barnes and Noble for Christmas, maybe because you though that it would make you feel like you were trying. Yeah, getting a teenage girl a make-up kit takes a hell of a lot of effort. Here are a few things about me: I still like reading, and I liked those gift cards, so since Christmas is one of the three times a year we see each other, make it good and keep those coming. I am no longer looking to be a writer, I’m still writing and I’m still going to do something with it, but I’m finding marketing and advertising more interesting, but that’s fairly recent so I don’t hold it against you for not knowing. I have an amazing best friend, and an amazing group of friends. I have a good job, and I do pretty well in school. I’m obsessed with painting my nails and the internet. My favorite show is Gilmore Girls. I no longer listen to death metal, I’m no longer depressed.
I don’t know yet if this is how I’m going to send you the pictures of your car. But if it is, grow up and talk to me about it, don’t tattle and tell dad. And even if you do, it’s not like him screaming at me and/ or slapping me is something I can’t handle, and yes, dad will do that; after all, you are the favorite. So, hey, if this letter affects you in any way: call me.



**no car pictures, I’m obviously not sending this to him.


One Response to “Day 4- a letter to your sibling”

  1. Mel June 14, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    Hmm. My brother knows next to nothing about me as well. And he still lives here during summer and on weekends. About all he knows about me is that I like reading, but rather than taking the effort to but a gift card, I get some cash. I’m with ya sister!
    Love you!

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