Day 3- A letter to your parents

13 Jun

Let’s do two short letters:

Dear mom,

I love you dearly, but since I am a teenager, most of the time I hate you. Little things get on my nerves, you seem to embarrass me all the time, even when no one’s around. But maybe these feelings just exist because you are never ever on my side. When dad and I fight, you just cower back, avoid the fight and then later side with him even when he’s wrong and tell me that I need to be nicer to him. Any guy I begin to get interest in and try to tell you about, as a way to become closer to you, you go and tell dad, my uncle and all of your other friends that might be around and then mock me for it, as if me liking someone is so stupid and childish. When I’m trying to tell you something, you don’t care or listen or even realize what is going on. I know I should appreciate having you more, considering Kerri doesn’t have a mom, but she and her mom were close. Her mom didn’t act as if Kerri was inferior or cruel or whatever. But you do. I wish we could be closer, I wish we could be friends, but we can’t.


Dear Dad,

I have written you letters before, angry ones and this is another one. When I was younger, before we moved to New York, before you were forced to retire, we were really close. But then we moved here and drifted apart, and you turned into one of the biggest jerks I know. Some people say that a girl needs a father to know that not every guy out there will hurt them, but those people have no idea how wrong they are. Let’s start with when you found out about how severe my depression was in eighth grade. I overheard you yelling at mom about how getting me help is just “another burden that is the last thing I need. Let her just fucking kill herself.” Yeah dad, I heard that. Word for word, and it’s burned into me, never to leave. Something you don’t know: I tried. I tried. I triedItriedItried. Fast forward to the next year when I told you I wasn’t playing softball and I got an 80 on a test you wanted me to get an A on, and your response was “you better find a nice community college and a job at McDonald’s with your grades. You’re not getting into college without doing anything… you’ll be lucky to get into a community college.” No, dad, that’s actually not true. This is another reason that I want to cut you off when I go to college. This is another reason I bust my ass applying for scholarships: so I don’t owe you anything. I’m sorry dad. I’m sorry I can’t be the perfect super smart jock daughter you wanted. I’m sorry that what you got was a nerdy daughter, who isn’t very smart and isn’t even remotely talented. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.



One Response to “Day 3- A letter to your parents”

  1. Mel June 13, 2010 at 11:19 pm #

    Hunni I don’t know you very well, but all I’ve seen in you is a wonderful person, who acts like a goof but is really actually a mature person. Not all parents are what they should be, and I want you to know that you still have people you can go to if you need them. I’ll be your sister :). Love you.

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