countdown (a letter to your best friend)

13 Jun

** the only person who might understand this letter is who it is for. Sorry.

Day 1- write a letter to your best friend

Dear Kerri,

This letter will be filled with ooey, gooey cheese, for which I apologize. When I think of our friendship (or psychotic episode), numbers come to mind. Specifically 1, 2 and 3. Three, because that is how many years we have known each other. In these three years, you have lost your mother, along with so much else. You have grown up, but still stayed young somehow. I’ve watched you fall in love… several times. I’ve watched you get your heart broken… even more times. I’ve watched you try to get what you want, and try harder than anyone I’ve ever known. I’ve spent nights in the clubhouse with you, discussing whatever boy you were interested in at the time, losing our minds (in a literal sense) and crying and laughing and joking and talking and talking and never getting sick of it. Those nights will last forever in my heart , and they will never end between us. Even if we light the damn place on fire.
Two, because that is how many people we are. We are both two very different people. You prefer metal, where I prefer soft rock; you prefer tougher, harder (bader) boys, where I prefer nerdy, dorky boys. You are blonde, I’m (kinda) a brunette; you’re stunning, I’m average (with unnaturally large boobs). But we are also two very similar people. I find myself listening to Diecast sometimes, because I still like it, and I’ll catch you listening to Jason Mraz on occasion. We both have the same sick sense of humor, we both have the same taste in movies and we usually can read each other’s mind and know exactly what the other one wants to do. Sure, we argue and we can be bitches, but we are stuck with each other, like it or not.
One, because that is how many souls I feel like we are. I feel like we both have the same unwavering strength, until it comes to our asshole parents or even more asshole boys we get infatuated with. We both have the ability to be complete and utter bitches if necessary, we both can hold our own, even if you sometimes do it better than me. We both can laugh something off, even if we don’t want to and we both can tolerate each other’s (along with everyone else’s) crap. The qualities I’ve listed are probably hazy, 1-. A. M bull, but we are two different people, two different minds, two different hearts, and one great soul.
This past year, we drifted apart a little as you and your boyfriend got closer, but we never left each other. I wanted to, a shitload of times (like during the laptop incident), but I was still there, and so were you. No matter how annoying and pathetic and lap-dog like I was, you stuck by me. You’ve been the only one this year to really sympathize about my dad, and how bad everything with him has been, and you’ve been the only one to calm me down whenever my parents and I would fight. You were the one that kept me going so I could get that boy I like. If it hadn’t been for you, so much would be different in my life. My home life, my love life, my mental state, my emotional state and my general state of being. You, more than anyone in the world, have changed my life.






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