hating fictional characters and journaling

7 May

“An old fairytale told me
the simple heart will be prized again.”

“The Frog Prince” by Keane

I know that it has been a LONG time since I have last blogged, and I have absolutely no excuse for that. I could say it was because I was busy, my dog drooled on my laptop, I had writers’ block, my great-great-great-aunt’s sister Mary’s husband’s cat, Frosty, died, and so on, but I will come forward and tell the truth: I a.) forgot about blogging b.) got a crush on an unattainable boy (just my type) and was subsequently distracted by that (i’m 15, 1 guy has shown interest me before and he ended up stalking me. and he only liked me because he assumed i was easy. moving on) c.) started reading more d.) started a journal which was more of a form of catharsis than anything because I can write everything and anything down without feeling completely inane or cliched or censored (i.e. I could use people’s names in my journal, here, not so much). But anyway, I’m back and possibly here to stay.

Starting with my new reading interests. I have just finished Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty and am now onto Second Helpings. I quite strongly hated Jessica Darling 75% of the time in Sloppy Firsts because she was so whiny and narcissistic it was sickening. Also, for most of the book NOTHING HAPPENED but her constant whining about how her best friend is gone, she hates her other friends, her parents, her job, her town and so on. Now, if I had read this last year, I know that I would have loved it. I would have jumped on Jessica’s hate bandwagon before you could say  “STUCK UP”, but I’m not as cynical as Jessica or 9th grade me anymore. Granted, I am still angsty, self-righteous and a complainer and I relate to the character a good deal of the time, but I don’t have quite as sharp a chip on my shoulder as she does, nor do I want to. All in all, the book was very good, the character, if not entirely likable, very well developed and I do recommend it.
Hmmm… what else has been going on in Caitlyn’s world? I am starting to worry more about testing, college, etc. My state tests are coming up, and I think I will do pretty well on them, provided I study, review, rinse and repeat. I also am starting to worry about the SAT. Tomorrow, after my job interview, I will be dragging my dad around town and making him purchase me an SAT review/practice booklet thingy, so I have something F-U-N to do this most likely boring summer. Due to my lack of friends who aren’t a.) super busy with their shows and whatnot or b.) super busy with their oh-so-important boyfriends, I will most likely be lonely and bored this summer, spending my days with characters from classical literature, modern literature and fluff along with my parents, and, hell, I might even throw in a few films as well, if I get rebellious. (whoa, cynicism overload). Well, after this surprisingly-easy-to-write-blog, I will leave you. and p.s. I MADE THIS FOR YOU.

Books finished this year: 12
Blog soundtrack and/or song of the moment: SOTM- “If It Kills Me”- Jason Mraz



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