comfort zones and this summer

3 Apr

So, there is no doubt, I’m changing. The only reason this occurs to me is because I ran into someone I worked with over the summer who has changed SO MUCH, and she acknowledged that, while we were discussing another co-worker that doesn’t want to admit he has changed. I hadn’t really realized how much I’ve changed in the past two years until last night. I was incredibly unlike myself, and the things I did were completely out of my comfort zone. But honestly, as the initial shock of “Who died and made you Caitlyn?” wore off, I started to enjoy myself and just… let go. I don’t do that often enough and I think starting now is a pretty good idea. Maybe it’s just the weather changing or maybe I just have a weakness for… well, never mind, but I believe that now is a good time to test my comfort zones and my boundaries.
I want to try new things, meet new people and just build up more experience. I feel like the weather does have something to do with it, as stupid/weird as that sounds, but I think with the new weather comes new things. I really want this summer to be a GREAT one, and I think the only way to do that is to not put so many limits and restrictions on my life that I don’t need to. So I have made a decision: I’m going to push my limits as far as I can, and I truly believe that it will be worth it.

Okay, so as random as this post was, it was just the form of catharsis I needed. So, with that said, excuse the randomness and vagueness of this blog. I promise I will post a new (real) blog soon.



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