old lady nail polish, my friend is a princess and my secret desire to open a coffee shop

16 Mar

(notice what i did there? ^ The picture doubles as a quote. lyrics from Breakdown by Jack Johnson)

Hello my lovely lady lumps.

Today has been a very good day and since last night/this morning I have been in the mood to blog. Maybe I’m trying to prepare for BEDA, but I actually feel like I have a bit to talk about. So, time to explain the title of this blog. A. I have a pretty taupeish-pink color nail polish that my friend addressed as “old lady nail polish”. Whatever, I like it. B. That same friend put a beaded necklace around her head and when asked why she said she was wearing a necklace on her head she answered, “because it makes me look like a princess.” Not all of my friends are dumb, I swear. (XD i luff you steph). C. If you follow me on twitter (which you so should), you would know that I have recently become addicted to the Canadian drama Being Erica, which you can find on Hulu and in the second season of the show there is a coffee shop called Goblins with an awesome sign that I could not find online. And I want to rip the show off and open up a coffee bar called Goblins.
More about Being Erica, the title makes the show sound deliriously stupid, which it is not. The show follows Erica Strange, a thirty-two year old woman falling into dead-end jobs and bad relationships. Her rationale? Bad choices, bad decisions. Solution? Therapy. Not your average therapy, no. Therapy that involves time travel, fixing your regrets and magic. The fact that the Erica is a quick tongued, witty and gorgeous girl is only one good part of the show. Her Lorelai Gilmore-like personality and charm adds into the fact that traveling into her past gives her a hell of a lot more dimensions. The only downside to this, is that the other characters in the show go slightly undeveloped, while Erica is a three-dimensional, average person who happens to travel through time. I just finished the second season (literally like less than ten minutes ago. I came back to writing this blog after I finished. SO GOOD). I am really looking forward to the *possible* third season.
Okay, moving on to make it seem like I don’t just sit around watching shows on the Internet, I will talk briefly about my schoolwork. I have a project for a class due Thursday, a rough draft of an essay due Thursday and I have done about no work. I couldn’t work on the project because I don’t have the passwords for my school’s account for the databases I’m allowed to use (in other words, Wikipedia is NOT okay) and my outline for the essay has not been approved. But anyways, the creative component of the project is going to turn out really well because it involves a video and the use of some AWESOME music. I mean, I’m using Marauders’ Map by Ministry of Magic, how awesome is that? ANSWER: VERY.

Books read this year: 7
Lisztomania by Pheonix and Better Together by Jack Johnson



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