14 Feb

“Watching you’s the only drug I need.
So gangster, I’m so thug”
-“Soul Sister” by Train

So it is finally vacation.

Now, I am not excited nor unexcited (unexcited, is that really a word?) about this, but Feb break is generally a random, boring and uneventful break. I know how negative I sound, but this break wasn’t really highly anticipated for me. My last break was definitely worth it because: 1. I had just handed in the biggest paper/ first serious research paper I’ve ever written and 2. I had been in school a long time and was ready for a break. But now it just seems like I’m going to have a week of laziness and sleep. I am probably going to consume large amounts of junk food and Doctor Who, ball my eyes out and giggle while re-reading Sarah Dessen books curled up in my bed and pulling out my hair while forcing myself to begin rewriting my new novel.
Yes, I am embarking on writing prose again. Since NaNoWriMo, I took a severe break from story-writing because NaNoWriMo involved a lot of writing, and I hadn’t written anything more than poetry or fluff in a long time before NaNo. Now, I have looked back on a story, which I am going to start re-writing again for the third time, but this time I will actually type the words “the end”. The story is of the chick-lit, young adult, cliche genre, without sparkly vampires.
Also, I have lately become more interested in fashion. I really like some fashion blogs and I’ve always loved searching websites for clothes just I’m a girl like that. My tumblr is now pretty much my “i like this” soap box. And, I was on chat roulette last night. I don’t recommend it to anyone. *shivers violently*
I will now leave you with a poem:

Losing myself into this world

People surround me

They make this clamor

voices making holes in the expectation of perfection

poking fun at the status quo.

I search for answers

I search for



But here I am.

Wandering aimlessly with thoughts breaking my mind open

ink flowing in my veins and through my fingers

as I dig holes into this phony expectation of perfection

my thoughts




spin into space as there is no level of perfection

every damn kid in the world has burst through the bounds

screwed perfection, and gone for reality.




  1. Natasha February 14, 2010 at 4:34 pm #

    February break? I want February break! /jealous
    Definitely not artsy-fartsy. 🙂

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