many moons ago, NYC and poetry

24 Jan

“Hard to gain perspective when ya eyes wont close
It’s hard to stand tall when you already on ya toes”
-“Good Evening” by Outasight

Many moons ago, i posted a blog. I’ve been opening post drafts for the past week but i just end up saving them and moving on. Mostly because I haven’t really been up to anything special, but now i have a little bit to talk about.

Yesterday I went to NYC to the boat show and then to a terrible restaurant for dinner. I got Starbucks, which made me deliriously happy since there isn’t a Starbucks in the cow town I live in. The boat show was pretty boring, but i did get a booklet about pirates, that i have yet to read. For dinner, I went to an expensive and crappy Italian restaurant in Little Italy with my brother, his wife and their two screaming children. Gah.
The past week or so I’ve been doing homework, being wildly confused by Hamlet and writing some poetry. I definitely have been getting a number of ideas for poems and I write them in my mind, put i never have the paper or initiative to write them in my phone. But no matter, I’ve been reading some poetry, but I want to read some more. The current poets I am fond of are Dorothy Parker, Tony Hoagland and T.S. Elliot…and that’s pretty much it. If anybody has recommendations, I like poetry with rhymes, humorous poetry, dark humor, emo (i haven’t read an Poe yet but I will). I also like free verse but I’m very picky about it. Modern poetry is very good, even though the people I know hate it, and I don’t like Johnne Dunn. (Spelling Fail).






Ceramic Silk



P.S. I saw Caprica! I didn’t know it was a spin-off/prequel to Battlestar Galactica, but it was so good I plan on watching Battlestar Galactica on SyFy’s website. Caprica is available on Hulu in case you missed it on T.V like I did.

Credit where credit is due: picture by Kayley Hyde/ owlssayhooot


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