it can only get better

14 Jan

“Past the teeth behind the smile
Down the miracle mile
To the bottom of the ladder
Paint your eyes and hide the tatters”
-“No Poetry” by Gary Jules


So, lately, things have been pretty…ugh. I explained on my tumblr, and don’t really want to reiterate. But what I do want to talk about is thinking a little bit more positively/not suck at life so much. To do this I must:

1. Not constantly say “ah, this sucks” or “i hate my life” or things of that nature so much. ( i will be saying “this sucks” while cleaning the bottom of cafeteria tables tomorrow. ugh.)

2. I will study more for tests and actually try in school

3. I will do more things that I like

4. I will find better friends.

5. I will find friends.


I think tonight, after posting this blog, I might go watch Star Trek and relax a bit, something that I desperately need. I might also take a bath later tonight. I will definitely read for about an hour. That is something that i have neglected way too much and i resolve to read at least once a day.


Baby Yeti





(The) Beauty in Ugly by Jason Mraz

credit where credit is due: photo by: Matthew Stewart


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