mandy moore is in my guilt free three

9 Jan

photo credit: Matthew Fry

“I am aiming to be somebody that somebody trusts with her delicate soul I don’t claim to know much”

-“Bottle It Up” Sara Bareilles

Hello darlings, lately I have been up to a few things. No, really. Last night I slept over my friend’s house and we played the game of life with her brother, sister and her sister’s boyfriend. Once her brother, sister and sister’s boyfriend left halfway into Jennifer’s Body (I’ll explain in a minute), we finished watching it, put in a new movie and I passed out a few minutes later.
Okay, in defense of me watching Jennifer’s Body, I will tell you how a conversation between my friend and I earlier this week in gym.

Me: What movies did you rent?

Friend: uh…Taking Woodstock, Jennifer’s Body-

Me: Jennifer’s Body?

Friend: Just for shits and giggles.

Me: …

Friend: It’s really funny. The effects are so cheesy and the product placements are ridiculous. They even placed the Boflex in there.

Me: …

So, all in all, Jennifer’s Body was incredibly stupid. How the writer of the amazingness that is Juno, could come up with something this nonsensical is beyond me. Not only do I think Megan Fox isn’t hot, Amanda Seyfried is a terrible actress and there was no storyline or plot in the movie. It was, quite simply, aimed at teenage boys that really want to get a movie as close to porn as they can.
But, despite that misfortune cinematic viewing, I have watched several movies lately that made up for it. The other day I received 500 Days of Summer which was excellent, but I expected a bit more from it. I also received Star Trek, which I am terrified to watch because I have a feeling I will end up becoming obsessed with it. I did also get A Walk to Remember and Chasing Liberty, just two of Mandy Moore’s amazing movies. I haven’t seen all of her movies, or even most of them, but one day, ONE DAY, I will.
Along with receiving my movies, I now have the amazing Sara Bareilles Little Voice CD, hence the lyrical quotes at the beginning of my last two blogs. I also set up a bank account which was a pretty big milestone, in my opinion. And speaking of money, it has got to be a match stick and my pockets must be a strike on box because it seems to be burning a hole in my pocket. I do have money in the bank, and it’s a very good thing i don’t go out much, because then I’d be tempted to draw money out of my account. But i do have a plan! I will (hopefully) be getting my w2 back soon and once I file the papers, I will finally get my taxes back. Once I get my taxes back, I will save my money up until my Quebec trip, so I can actually pay for food and souvenirs, and after i go to Quebec, depending on how much money I have left, I will purchase my tablet and some ( MASSIVE amounts) of jewelry from Forever 21. I’m also getting a hat similar to one of Dorothy Parker’s because we are having a Gatsby party in my English class and my teacher wants us to come in costume. I am going as my favorite literary figure of the 1920’s, Dorothy Parker.
I leave you today with mememolly-style blog post. We will begin a list of things I like that start with the letter A.



American Beauty

Annie Hall











2 Responses to “mandy moore is in my guilt free three”

  1. Mercedes January 9, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

    I dislike Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried as well. And I was also disappointed with 500 Days of Summer;

    OMG. Star Trek is amazing. OMG.

    Have you ever seen How To Deal with Mandy Moore?
    It wasn’t amazing but I really liked it.

    • wheretheducksgo January 10, 2010 at 12:48 am #

      dude! how to deal is awesome. not great because i’m a Sarah Dessen junkie and they totally destroyed the movie by “basing” it on the books. nerd rant…i’m lame.

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