1 Jan

I live here on my knees
as i try to make you see that
you’re everything I think I need.”
“Gravity” by Sara Bareilles

So far, 2010 has been a good year. I have watched part of a marathon of Criminal Minds with the parental units and fell madly in love with Reed (again). Gosh, the nerds get me every time. I boothed several times and showered (always good to shower once a year). I am also overly jealous of the people going to VidCon, but i have other things to look forward to. I am taking a week off of work this summer to go to Ohio to look at the bunches of colleges i want to go to, but other than that I only have work as a plan for the summer. I’m hoping that tomorrow my friend will be able to come over so I can take portraits of her because I have some amazing ideas. Tonight I plan on watching some more Doctor Who (first series) and falling a little bit more in love with the Doctor. I might go see Avatar tomorrow, but that might prevent my friend from coming over.

I have been dreaming about the things I’m going to buy this summer once I have money. I would like to re-do my room, but I have my eye on a Nikon d3000 and a tablet. The tablet i might get in the next few weeks or when i get my taxes back. The tablet is obviously photo editing, and i have been getting ridiculously more interested in photography and i am currently fascinated by the works (other works:1, 2, 3) of this person. Her work is simply gorgeous and I hope she becomes a professional some day, it would not surprise me if she did. I must go and get my craftiness on and make a fake cigarette for the (possible) portrait shoot tomorrow.


p.s. if i do take photos tomorrow, they will go on my flickr


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