i lie.

22 Dec

liar: (n.) a person who tells lies

Yes, I am a liar. I lie about a number of things, for example, I lie (a lot) about being a better blogger and blogging regularly. Now, again, I am not making promises and I am not saying that I will blog everyday, but I (no, really) am going to try to start blogging again. I can only guess what you must be thinking, “blog again? Really, Caitlyn? You never blogged in the first place.” And my guess at your thoughts is correct! But I do have a blog for a reason. A reason that I do not know, but hope to figure out.
Okay, so for 2010 I am hoping to blog at least 1-3 times a week. I will try to think of interesting topics and not just post two sentence blogs like:

Today I went to school.
and now I’m too tired to blog.

Anywho, lately I’ve been obsessed with a multitude of things. And here! List!

1. Wrapping paper. Seriously, it took me about twenty minutes to pick out the perfect wrapping paper.

2. Glee music! (:( frown face for Glee absence until April)

3. Lady Gaga. Really, her music is so addictive and her videos are just too weird to not watch. Like, I have to watch Bad Romance once a week (if not everyday) because it’s so weird. And OMFG , Lady Gaga in high school? (is it just me, or does she look a little like hayleyghoover?)

4. Target. I live in the middle of nowhere, so we must drive an hour to get to a Target, but I don’t understand how spending a day at Target can be a punishment.

5. Hating selected teachers. I think I only hate them because they make me hate my favorite subjects. Maybe it’s because I just don’t agree with their methods of teaching, but let’s just say I’m ready to leave and go to college. I’ve heard the teachers there aren’t as stupid, I hope so.

6. Zinch. I love the upcoming prospect of college, I have since I first started watching Gilmore Girls and Rory was obsessed with college. (Once she went to college, I wanted to go to Yale btw, but that would never happen) But the whole college thing was a serious exciting prospect and it only became more intoxicating once hayleyghoover talked about her amazing college experience. And I think we both hate(d) high school just as much.

7. Luke Conard.


Enjoy your life, and if I don’t get back to you before Christmas, Merry Christmas!

Wait, what?

Okay, so apparently “Merry Christmas” isn’t PC. So,


and Happy Holidays.


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