this blog comes in 2 parts

9 Dec

Part One: *possible* series

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about posting a three+ part series here. This series would probably come around late January (probably the 26th, or earlier. I promise) But this series will only come to my blog if interest is shown in it. I will be posting this link on my dailybooth and twitter . Here is a blurb:

After the President made every tobacco and nicotine product illegal, the country has gone into fallen into peril and tension has taken over the nation. Support groups have lines stretching blocks, and the company Tabaccover is now making a killing, literally, on their quitting smoking products that contain no nicotine or tobacco. Evan and Gigi Carlisle are in the middle of this problem; with their father illegally selling tobacco products and growing tobacco in their basement and their mother slowly deteriorating in a coma. As Evan tries to convince her father to stop selling things illegally, Gigi sits in the hospital, day after day, looking after her mother and waiting for her to wake up. With Evan getting almost nowhere with her father, Gigi begins to discover a horrifying coincidence between her mother’s blood content and the content of Tabaccover, a drug that her mother had taken once the law was made. Gigi ends up informing Evan and her father about this, and her father begins to share this knowledge with his customers. But Gigi and her family are soon hightailed by the government, who is partnered with Tabaccover in fine print. As the government gets closer, can the Carlisles get away?

Part Two: My current favorite things

-my new Threadless shirts!!!!

Music: A Fine Frenzy, Holly Brook, Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Mraz, Phoenix, The Strokes, The Kooks, The Hush Sound



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