omegle creeping

13 Nov

these are some of the chats i had earlier on Omegle, enjoy!

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hi

Stranger: hey

Stranger: where r u from?

You: hogwarts

Stranger: sure

You: what school do you go to?

Stranger: I recon you know Harry Potter

Stranger: I go to Robert College

You: ?

You: are you

You: a

You: muggle?

You: or an owl?

Stranger: Yes indeed I am

You: or a lama?

You: ugh

You: i cannot speak with you

You: dirty muggle

Stranger: ahaha malfoy stop it

You: i’m not malfoy

Stranger: you and me both remember last night

You: i’m bellatrix

Stranger: yes you areee

You: bellatrix lestrange

You: and i kill you

Stranger: nope


You: you’re dead

You: haha

You: *grave dance*

You have disconnected.


Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hey

Stranger: Hy

You: how are you?

Stranger: Fine

You: do you like lamas?

You: cuz i have a lama

You: it’s name is mandarin

Stranger: LOL, xD?

Stranger: Nice, cool 😀

You: she likes oranges

You: mandarin ones

You: i also have a talking dog

You: she likes to sing owl city

Stranger: Where are u from?

You: i live on a farm

You: in narnia

Stranger: and WTF::::: are u insane?

You: and the pigs fly

You: and cows sing

Stranger: OMG?!

You: no, i’m going bovine

You: i.e. going cow-like

You: i have mad cow disease

You: not really

Stranger: WTF!?

You: i just drank too much coffee

You: my dog is singing

You: she’s singing journey’s don’t stop believing

Stranger: ok

You: because she just got the glee soundtrack

Stranger: im on energypills 😀

You: it’s her favorite cd

You: i like knitting

You: do you?

You: i knit lamp cozies

Stranger: ?!

Stranger: WTF?

You: and leg warmers

Stranger: are u stoned?

You: no

You: i would enjoy to be

Stranger: are u on drugs?

You: lucy in the sky with diamonds

You: do you enjoy the beatles?

You: because i do?

You: ????

You: i like owls

Stranger: Beatles? ewww, no way, they suck!

You: do you like dinosaurs?

You: because i like owls

You: and flying pigs

You: i like pigs that sing

Stranger: Omg, im just gonna leave, and dont remember u, cuz…. this is just LAME!

You: enjoy your life

You: mortal

Stranger: Ok

Stranger: Thanx

Stranger: are u a woman?



You: who the eff is hank?

You: are you a woman?

You: or are you a corn dog dipped in batter and fried to perfection?

You: are you a singing pig?


Stranger: NO!

You: -exit-

Stranger: IM HOMO!!


Stranger: and so are u!

You: flying death monkies

You: aka bees

You: i’m mental

You: are you?

You: are you creepy?

Stranger: No

Stranger: yes

Stranger: Maby

You: i creepy too

Stranger: i like balls

Stranger: chocolateballs!

You: i like ice cream

You: and yogurt

You: i also like colors

Stranger: I like cookies!


Stranger: im colorblind:(

You: okay, so if toast always lands butter side down

You: and cats always land on their feet

Stranger: Gravity!

You: what happens if you strap toast to a cat and drop it?


Stranger: it stays in the air!

Stranger: it dont move

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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