my favorite omegle chat from tonight

13 Nov

Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: hello

You: are you a disney character?

You: because i’m not

Stranger: oh

Stranger: i’m not either

You: and i want to meet one

Stranger: way to rub salt in the wound

You: i’m sorry

You: i don’t like saly

You: *salt

You: i also don’t like typos

Stranger: me neither!

Stranger: and yet the plague me still

Stranger: they*

Stranger: damnit that was accidental too…

You: i don’t like when CAPS LOCK CURSES ME

You: ok, i did that last part on purpose

Stranger: lol


You: ialsohateitwhenmyspacebarbreaks

Stranger: and my ‘y’ key is broken, i have to copy then paste all y’s

You: or when other people forget to use their space bar

You: my arm is broken

You: sort of

Stranger: sort of?

Stranger: is that like being a little pregnant?

You: it just doesn’t straighten

You: i am a little pregnant too

You: with a lama

You: i’m going to name it mandarin

You: because i like mandarin oranges

Stranger: woah there gwyneth

You: my name is bella

You: and i love this boy named edward

Stranger: ew

Stranger: stop

Stranger: right there

You: i was also born

You: without a personality

You: and common sense seemed to desert me

Stranger: and terribly predictable?

You: yes

You: and i’m also a slut

Stranger: and overcliched

You: because i cheated on my boyfriend

You: who is a vampire

You: and i kissed a werewolf

You: and i liked it

You: do you like it?

You: cuz i did

Stranger: hm

Stranger: idk

Stranger: native american guys are pretty hot, especially shirtless

Stranger: but

Stranger: only in human form? right? no beastiality for stephenie meyer?

You: yes

You: o goshie!


Stranger: DOMG


Stranger: NOOOOO


You: do you likes owls?

You: i live in owl city

You: and fireflies light up the city

You: we have no global warming

You: polar bears aren’t really dying

Stranger: and no men with baritone voices?

You: they’re just moving to owl city

Stranger: panda bears run congress

You: because we use fireflies for power

You: and twilight is made of vanilla

You: we live near seattle

You: and say hello to seattle

You: do you?

You: you should

You: it’s friendly

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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