i need to do better in school

26 Oct


Over the past week or so, i’ve been realizing how much I’ve been slacking in school and how badly I’m doing. Granted, getting 80s and up isn’t really too terrible considering I have 11 classes, but even though I have a large quantity of classes, I don’t have the largest quantity of work. I’m not saying that I don’t have any work, I do have a fair amount, but i don’t really think that I’m putting the effort into the work that I should be. Here’s my self evaluation for my classes:

Global: Good. I do all the homework, except for one assignment and the tests and quizzes I haven’t gotten below an 85.  Self-effort grade: A-

P.E- puh-lease.

Bio- good. I do the homework and I study, but I could pay attention more and study harder. Self effort grade: B+

Global Issues: A really challenging class that I could put much more effort in if I didn’t doubt my abilities so much. Self effort grade: B-

Video Production- good. self effort grade: A-

Studio Art: AHHHHHHHHH! Self effort grade- B+

Math- I do most of the homework and I do alright on quizzes and tests. Self effort grade: B-

English- Started out really bad and then I think I got better. I tried more with what we recently started doing. Self Effort Grade: B+

French: alright. self effort grade: B+

Creative Writing: I will not grade myself on this. This is something I do only for me. A teacher giving me their opinion and guidance is just a helpful tool, I honestly do not consider this to be a class-like thing, due to the fact that it’s so personal to me.

Broadcast Journalism- too little work done to tell.

That’s all for today. Sorry this blog isn’t wannabe witty like the others.


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