hello, saturday

24 Oct


It’s a beautiful Saturday. I’ve got the house to myself, it’s rainy and humid and i’m watching  Gilmore Girls (season 5 on DVD!)  and eating smartfood popcorn and nutterbutter peanut butter cookies. I did my makeup nicely and i put my wet hair in a French braid, in hopes it will be wavy and pretty later in the day. My friend that ditched me last night is sleeping over tonight (doubtful) and i will probably have to do an entire project for four people with just her. But still, today’s a pretty good day. i love rainy Saturdays when i’m home alone, wathing my favorite cozy t.v show and getting ready to look for my dream house online or my dream college and think of cozy days there. there’s a warm and peaceful feeling in the air and i just hope that i will have a little more alone time in my dimly lit humble abode.

quack quack


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