i’m a lazy blogger

23 Oct


Now, i know what you’re thinking, you’re not a blogger. And you’re right! I’m not a real blogger, but i want to change that. And yeah, i know, i’ve said this before and i meant it more those times, but i know myself and i would like to give you some new insight on me too. When i feel ambitious about things, i tend to abandon them and not care because i’m so excited about them. Or, i’ll try to do something and lose confidence because nobody cares what i’m doing. Which, is more or less why i am obsessively on twitter and dailybooth, because they don’t take much effort and i have people following me there. But i think that i might actually try to update my blog more because it is hard for me to blog; due to (give or take) a year of severe writers block. And yes, blogging is writing, to me at least. Because it is writing it scares me, so i avoid it like it’s an angry skunk ready to blow. But I did buy a $1200 computer and i love the sound of keys crackling under my energetic and alive fingers, instead of the idle hands watching episodes of Glee i’ve seen several times on Hulu. So, since i never have plans anymore and i never really do homework anyways, i might start blogging regularly. Meaning every-other day or a few times a week. looking forward to be back soon!

quack quack


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