blog plans and what’s going up and down in my life

4 Oct



Mondays: fake news report day- basically where i make up a town (or use a real one) and make up a fake and ridiculous story. good way to start the week. (and if your teacher, like mine, asks about current events and you happen to mention mine, he/she might look it up and stumble across my blog. hehe)

Tuesdays: internet fangirl day- what i like/ am doing on the internet (don’t even think it-pervs)

Wednesdays: review/ opinion day- title says all. if i do a book or movie review, i will warn you weeks or days ahead so you will not be endangered by spoilers.

Thursdays: question day!- questions from readers, once i get some. but for now i’ll just look up some questions.

Fridays: week in review

Saturday: (every other)- writing day. basically whatever i wrote over the two previous weeks or what i have to add on. these will be ENORMOUS (hopefully) blog posts come November. see why here.
Sundays: (every other, basically when there isn’t a saturday blog. dig?)- ellipses day. more on that later.

So, since we last had a heart-to-heart i’ve been doing…nothing really. i’ve become more popular on dailybooth, which is pretty cool. i’m almost at 100 pictures. i’ve been making better friends with the Nerdfighters in my school, which makes me very happy. i also really love the fact that i can sing Hank Green songs without getting weirds looks when i use Helen Hunt’s name in melody. It’s also pretty cool when i hear that someone watches Brotherhood 2.0 when they’re sick. Another thing that’s been going on, i think that it’s amazing that i post a picture on dailybooth with the comment “fu**. headache” and a few seconds later this lovely person says ” fell better” it just shows that there are some really incredibly nice people out there, even if you’ve never talked to them. also, i ordered a lot of stuff online last night! WOOT! i hope your lives are well!

quack quack.


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