the monday files

28 Sep

Today has been shit.

First of all, my best friend and i sortof made plans for halloween (my favorite holiday EVER) and then she sorted of hinted that she didn’t want me to come by saying that i get annoyed when i’m around her friends.

True,  i do get annoyed when i’m around her friends. why? because she tends to ostracize me so she herself looks better. maybe i’m being an overdramatic, temperamental, whiny girl who doesn’t really like getting ditched so she pretty much has to stay home on the one day of the year she doesn’t want to stay home, but i think that my reasoning or being annoyed is pretty plausible.

Second: i have an onslaught of homework. Most of which i finished, the rest of it i cannot seem to locate the problems i must do, and the other homework i am avoiding like the plague, but must do since i already skipped a homework assignment in that class. I also am debating weather or not to write the six paragraph essay tonight to hand in tomorrow for three bonus points but i honestly don’t know if the three bonus points are really worth it.

Third: my homework is taking up my time, putting a hinderance on me reading Libba Bray’s new book Going Bovine, which, is so far quite incredible.

Fourth: i also have a four page historical philosophy paper that i must get started on, but to do so i need a historical philosophy and trying to determine one involves thinking and i can’t think because the amount of homework i have prevents me from doing so!

Fifth: this list could go on forever.

quack quack

this cheers me up.


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