good day

25 Sep

Okay, so today (so far) has been the best day ever. Here’s why:

smile1. it’s FRIDAY

2. to make it even better, i found out that are actually other Nerdfighters in my school. Five to be exact, when i thought i was the only one.

3. i can now say DFTBA to people walking down the hall and they’ll say it back or get super excited!

4. i’m sleeping over my friend’s house tonight and we’re having a sort of party there. it’s awesome in friday form.

5. i found someone in my school on twitter! if you’re awesome, you’ll follow her.

6. i brought my poetry book to school and started to write something, but stopped and for some crazy reason i think that now my poetry book is my good luck charm. i shall use it in moderation.

have a stupendous weekend!

quack quack


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