new classes and my locker issue

9 Sep


This is my schedule:

1st period: global (core class)

2nd period: biology or P.E (core classes)

3rd period: biology (core class)

4th period: global issues (elective and prerequisite to AP history in 11th grade)

5th period: video production (elective)

6th period: studio art (core class/requirement)

7th period: algebra

8th period: English 10 honors (core class)

9th period: French (core class)

10th period: study hall

Independent Studies: broadcast journalism and creative writing

My take on these classes:

Now, i love global and global issues. Global has always been a strong point for me, mostly because i like it. Global issues hasn’t really taken off (like an abundance of my classes), but basically, it will involve discussing of current global events and past global events, practice writing college level essays and papers, in preparation for the AP history course which is offered by the state college. Also, English is by far my favorite subject, but i hate the teacher. Broadcast and creative writing are both two really awesome classes.The other classes rank on this 1-10 scale, 1 being the worst, 10 being the highest: (1)biology (2)algebra and studio art (6)French (9)video production.

My locker issue: i have no shelves. Tomorrow i must complain.



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