i hate school already

8 Sep


So today was my first day of school. So let’s run through the days events:

1. Principal’s assembly

2. getting a locker that was later stolen and then a disaster was created throughout the rest of the day.

3. an assembly about starting a chain reaction (more on that later)

4. attended classes with a groaning stomach and no lunch period to remedy that

Basically, school was stressful, boring, long and all the other seven dwarfs. NOW…

There was a presentation that started off cheesy like: be nice and people will be nice back. we all know that’s a fantastic theory and not true. But it continued to tell the story of Rachel Joy Scott , the first person to be shot and killed on April 20, 1999’s Columbine shootings. Ever since i learned about Columbine, it has always struck a cord with me. I don’t know why, but it has. And something i noticed today, it has an effect on every teenager as well. When the 7-12 grade students were in the auditorium and we all saw RACHEL’S CHALLENGE on the projector, we figured that it would be some cheesy thing about treating people nicely, and it would have been if there wasn’t Rachel’s personality and backstory immersed in the project. But once the man running the program started talking about death and then showed Rachel’s picture, saying she died, but not how, we all sort of quieted down, with some whispers and giggling still going on. But once it was addressed that Rachel Joy Scott was a victim of the Columbine shootings, the room fell silent. I don’t know why or how, but the idea or reality of a school shooting scares teenagers so chills run through their veins. Maybe it’s the thought that you could lose a friend, or a sibling, or a teacher or even your own life, to someone you passed in the halls or had class with, or even sat with at lunch. Which is why Rachel’s challenge struck a cord with me, she simply thought that if you had compassion for one person, it could start a chain reaction. And really, who knows…maybe it could.

peace and love


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