it’s been awhile

4 May

music track: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

mood: nervouspensivehappyexciteddreamy

So, what has been going on with me lately?

Well, i have been very busy. For example i was doing a global history project about Ancient Rome and my job was to do the writing portion and my friend did the artifact portion. Also, i began another story that is wonderful and i have to finish reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before i begin work on that.

music: The Fear by Lily Allen

The story is basically just in the starting stage and i will be planning it out and writing bits and pieces on it. AL-SO i am one of the MANY people that are happy that Mrs. Nerimon will be avalible on iTunes soon! I am also looking for a prom dress (even though it is this FRIDAY) but i might not go anyways because i would rather not. WHY? because a nerdfighter-girl like me would rather sit at home and read some Harry Potter while eating a blenderized dinner or maybe go see the new Star Trek instead of sit in the corner of my gym in a dress i don’t like while a DJ plays bad rap music that a bunch of horny hormonal white teenagers try to dance as if they are “gangstas” and then proceed to watch my friends couple up with someone while i SIT IN THE CORNER.

Release Pictures, Images and Photos

In other news…i have been desperate for some refreshing new books or whatever and i also want to know about some good shows to order off Amazon. Is Doctor Who really worth it? Firefly? Any suggestions do an @reply on my Twitter or leave a comment here.

On that note, i will be back possiblysomedayeventually,



One Response to “it’s been awhile”

  1. checkthewhether May 4, 2009 at 7:19 pm #

    Holy Guacamole! I stumbled across your blog looking for another blog, and zomg, I found a fellow nerdfighter! Huzzah! (Also, Banana Pancakes- great choice) I agree with you on the whole prom thing. I don’t have prom next year, but one of my best friends is a year older than me, and listening to her stress about prom already has me dreading/super excited for it. I’m off to read some more of your blog!

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