and the douchebag of the day is…

9 Apr

So, darlings. I know this blog is rather boring and mundane, but JUST YOU WAIT! I have some serious excitement planned for the rest of this blog. So put your seat belts on and grab a helmet cause this is going to be CRAY CRAY.

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I think it’s rather necessary that i correct that tidbit of information written by me about 30 seconds ago when i did not have Mrs. Nerimon stuck in my head.

So…i will tell you a little bit about my day…so my best friend has a stalker (which in this case stalker means a guy with a *cough* obsessive *cough* crush on her) So he is a bit…um…STUPID and the two of us get annoyed with stupid people. So he decided to hang out with us (while i had Mrs. Nerimon stuck in my head, mind you) so i was swaying my head back and forth and decided to explain it by saying i’ve had a headache for the last 14 years. and he just looked at me. and blinked. So then i started clearing my throat (and you know the kind of throat clearing, not like “oh i have a bit of a cough” the obnoxious “i’m purposely doing this to seem weird/annoying/douchbaggish etc.) and he just looks at me while my friend and i laugh at my douchebag move and his stupidity. (random side note: the chair i’m sitting in ALWAYS gives me a backache. rawr.) So then my friend and i decided to team up and be douches together. so she tell the guy i think i’m part cat.

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And i go along with it and start meowing. and putting my “paws” in front of my face. and meowing. so my friend and i are practically doubled over in laughter and what does this guy do?


so, the moral of the story: I HATE STUPID PEOPLE. GRRRR.

Now that we have that out of the way…I’m going to New York City tomorrow!!!!!

new york city Pictures, Images and Photos

Now, i’m going there to work. my uncle is making deliveries and i am helping (for MONEY) and it’s cool and exciting. (and UGH, there is a couple sitting next to me and it’s disgusting. GET A ROOM. i hope they do not see this.) Anyways…i will be taking several dailybooth pictures tomorrow so if you would like to see them follow me!


farewell my chickadees


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