snakes ate the legos!

8 Apr

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No, i have yet to understand the titles of my blogs. Anywho, not much has happened. But…wait! yesterday i said i’d take something small and make it interesting, i am a writer after all. But what…. WAIT! I GOT IT! HELEN KELLER JUST SIGNED WATER! BE PROUD! Now, what is boring or stupid or weird that i can make interesting, you ask? Well, this wasn’t what i was going to talk about, but because i just got reading this article on writers getting back at their agents through…what TWITTER! If you want to understand what i;m about to rant about, or want to learn more about what i rant about, click on the world article and you will get a link to the story. Now onto the rant…..

1. writers are sensitive. but piss us off, and we aren’t so sensitive. now since these agents are STUPID they don’t realize that by posting the fact that the manuscripts they are reading suck, the people who wrote thos e manuscripts WORK WITH WORDS. what does this mean, you ask? it means…

2. that many writers have Twitters, and we have opinions. mix those two together, put it in a pan on low heat and mix it with a dash of anger and u got yourself a boiling mess. we work with words which means we can take yours (agents) and turn them around. we can be pissed or sad and show you that we deserve a hell of a lot more than a five-minute rejection letter and some degrading Twitter posts.

3. Dear agents, PISS OFF.


p.s. follow me on twitter! you save a duck (not really) everytime someone follows me! my username is wheretheducksgo


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