pumpkin chickens

7 Apr

i really do not understand the title of this blog, but that is why i like it! So far, i have used Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (is a link really necessary, my good Nerdfighter?) as a pillow, talked to my teacher about how on earth he installed EcoFont and read Maureen Johnson’s new blog. Now, i cannot have a MJ answers questions blog. WHY? well, because a) my initials are not MJ and b) i have no questions to answer or followers that want answers. But what can i do to make my blog more exciting so people will read it?

Funny Pictures, Images and Photos

Putting stupid pictures in my blog for no apparent reason and absolutely no purpose? No.

pick up line Pictures, Images and Photos

Putting in colorful pictures of bad pick-up lines that are sort of nerdy? No.

I really am wondering how to make these blogs more EXCITING or FUNNY or INTERESTING. Should i include current events and my take on them? No, that would be too boring and my opinions are really only interesting to me. Book reviews? No, i put tidbits of those in blogs anyways. Movie reviews for the same reason.


I can just put in an observation for the day and put in some sort of creative take on it. What i see in it. Like…say i see a ninja. I can say that the ninja looked very lithe and had a stealth way about him. He moved steadily through the halls and was the perfect killing machine. Or if i see a pirate with a gossiping parrot on his shoulder i can say…The pirate was hunched over, his parrot telling him the secrets of those around him and those he doesn’t know. The pirate took a drink from a bottle of bourbon and dropped it on the ground whilst looking at a person he wanted to eat. The cannibalism on the boat had only been for survival at the time, but now it tasted to good on his tongue, like the burn of whiskey of the crow of his parrot’s gossip.
Now, i have not seen a ninja nor a pirate today. Nor have i met either one or been either one. Now, this is only an example of something i could do with something really simple. Granted, seeing a pirate or a ninja is not simple, i could do a lot with it.

At the rate i’m going, i will NEVER write for Reader’s Digest.


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