nerd talk?!

5 Apr

So, it is Saturday April 4th, my 3rd day of BEDA. I did not blog on April 1st because i did not know about BEDA until watching Nerimon’s VEDA video, and since i dont have a camera, but i do have a blog (hint: this is it!!!) i decided to do BEDA on April 2nd. So, since i didn’t start on April 1st my BEDA is going to end May 1st, so it seems fair. Anyways, onto books! Last night, i stayed up until 3 a.m. due to two large cups of vanilla coffee, water and the book Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters. The book is about two girls falling in love for the first time. Now, i am of the Q department in the acronym LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual,trans-gender and questioning)  due to the fact i have only lived for 14 years, 10 of which i can contain memory of, and about 4 i do actually remember.


1. So, onto my critique of aforementioned book: i have only read a few books about lesbian romances, none of which focused only on the romance (Pretty Little Liars and The Bermudez Triangle), but this one was only so-so in book for good love stories. It was sweet, and both characters were quite obviously head-over-heels for each other, and it was sad. Now, here’s the thing, it seems unlikely, but many teenagers do get kicked out of their home (like Holland in the book) for being LGBT. But it still seemed so unrealistic to me. Anyways, i do recommend the book, for those who are gay, straight or a person who loves giraffes who loves giraffes. It was a pretty good book and a decent love story. Now, next on my reading list is none other than Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, for the first time. No explanation necessary.

2. I must continue to write my story, but reading has clogged my vision! i think i might try to write something again tonight, but i still don’t know yet. I have been reading so much due to the fact that my school is AWESOME, so we are having a reading contest. Here’s how it goes: whatever class in the high school reads the most books, most pages, most genres, had the most participants and other such things, wins a full expense paid day off of school. Lunch and transportation provided. So, since there are only about four people that regularly (monthly) participate in a class of about 38, we will probably not win. We have read, so far (i have yet to tally up March, considering it is my job) 311 books since the beginning of the year. BUT WE NEED MORE!!! which is why i’m gonna try to read a whole lot of books in the next few weeks, so April’s book list is over 100, as long as other people participate (and hand in their book lists on time, like i asked. damn slackers) so I don’t know how my writing will get done.

3. i must sort through a BUNCH of crap i will be selling, and price it all in the next week or so, because i will be participating in a yard sale with my best friend (who, be shocked is not a Nerdfighter but i love her anyways) and we will split the money at the end of the day. My half goes into my Mac fund and hers go to her iPod fund (or mad money if she get the iPod prior to the sale)

Other than that, i don’t have anything to do (yeah, right) but anyways: who else can’t stop listing to Mrs. Nerimon?


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