my day…so far

4 Apr

This will be a short BEDA post today because my day has yet to finish. So far i was put in a group in my global class with people who are completely a. inept and b. ANNOYING. Anyways, i am in my second and unfortunately last study hall of the day (surprised wordpress wasn’t blocked. blogs unblocked FTW!) i’m kinda confused at the current moment, are the BEDA blogs only supposed to be on blogspot? i’m really hoping they aren’t because i a. refuse to switch (i like my wordpress blog, thank you) b.think that is stupid because i do not want to get a gmail account (okay, so, yeah, i already have one, but I LIKE THIS BLOG BETTER! *pouts like a petulant two-year-old*) anywho, i just read Maureen Johnson’s (aka, the mother of BEDA) blog for today and the part about the toaster made me laugh and of course i look like i was just smoking some peyote (only drug i could think of) if i burst out laughing whilst entranced in a pink screen. people would think I’m looking at weird porn (my school’s blockers probably block that, but still, it’d be funny) anyways (note to self and readers: the computer room monitor could possibly be reading this so…uh…hi! computer room monitor! i hope your not reading this…but hi anyways!) ok, so i just made myself nervous and am gonna go now. kthxbi


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