Gah! and other news

3 Apr

Today was pretty much as eventful as the rest of the week, which is to say it was rather uneventful. We had an 11:30 dismissal, for which I am exuberantly grateful for. I am currently watching a press conference with Obama and am going to look up some current events to impress my global teacher with. I must impress him because I need both my global and English teacher to write me recommendation letters so I can take intro to psych next year for my sophomore year, i need the recommendation because the course is offered by a college and generally only offered to juniors and seniors. BUT the college might only offer my school intro to sociology, which i will take, but would prefer to take intro to psych. aywhosals i only have 2 followers on dailybooth so please go follow me! By the way, Hank’s Carrie Bradshaw video, made my day. bye!


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