BEA (blog everyday april)!

2 Apr

Beginning: I am super excited to do this! I never really stick to anything for long but this is something i want to try.
My name of elements:

Ca(calcium) I(Iodine) Tl(Thallium) Y(Yttrium) N(Nitrogen)+ Ca I Tl Y N= Caitlyn

Today was relatively uneventful. I want a new phone! Mine sucks. Anywhosal, i think i might paint my nails (random!) and clip them because my friend claims that long nails are gross. sigh. I probably should write some more and i kinda wanna read some more but I’m watching the best years and it’s so cheesy and cliched its amazing. I don’t know…….is there supposed to be a min in these blogs? idc dinosaur! ( more random) okay, bye now.


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