The Evolved Heretics

6 Feb

My new “learning group” for school. I’m partnered with two completely inept people and one semi-competent person. The thing is, I’m trying to work with the group and do well, because i really need to get my grades up. But when our group doesn’t have an answer, the teacher comes over, asks “us” (while looking right at me) if we are working together. Yesterday, he decided to become a pretentious know-it-all and went on a condescending rant about how “we” aren’t working together. Guess who he was looking at?

Anyways, today my teeth are in excruciating pain because there are blue plastic bands shoved in between them. I (no pun intended) look like I blew a Smurf.

Now I’m reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone for the first time and i am addicted. I absolutely love it. I have to finish it soon because I’ve been reading it forever. Anyways……………..

                                                                                                     Love from a Heretic!


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