editorial: hate speech

22 Jan

So  i wrote an editorial on hate speech which was inspired by this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTdCa6vbvTk.

    The editorial is for my school’s broadcast journalism class that i am in. no one seems to understand that an editorial is an OPINION. NOT EVERYONE HAS TO AGREE WITH IT!!!! anyways, here is the editorial:

Do you use hate speech? Do you hear hate speech? If you can answer yes to these questions, that’s disappointing. It is disappointing that our peers have sunk so low as to insult people because of their sexual orientation, mental capacity, race and other things people cannot control. When you hear someone say “That’s gay” or “That’s retarded” do you tell them to stop? Or are you one of them? If you are a straight person, have you had anyone say “that’s straight” as an insult? No. It is wrong to use these phrases as insults. I’m not asking for censorship: I’m asking for maturity. And maybe some intelligence, of those that use these phrases and those that hear them. If you hear it: stop it. If you use it: cut it out. We live in a world where change is now, and change is the future. We are the change, the question is: Will we?


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