december 31

31 Dec

Look back:

Over the past year i discovered some things. i found a best friend that i could never live without. i found that no matter how much i can love something, i can always hate it even more. I read some of the most amazing books i’ve ever held in my hands. I discovered an online community of these awesome people like me called Nerdfighters. I helped my best friend through the worst time in her life, when she lost her mom. I found happiness and depression, love and lust, and so much more.

    All in all, the past year was crazysadhappyamazingjoyfulbeautifuluglyloudquiettearfulhalariouslaughterfilled. Over the past year i learned a lot about myself that i thought wasn’t there. I had a pretty amzing year but i hope the next one is even more incredible and has much more to offer than the one that will be gone in the next few hours. Happy New Year everyone!!!!


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